This is legendary.. Any Festi-goer, Camper, Marathon Runner's #1 Necessity

This is legendary.. Any Festi-goer, Camper, Marathon Runner's #1 Necessity

This item will be the hero you never knew you needed and something you won't ever leave for a trip without again. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, spending a day at the beach, dancing your heart out at a festival, or even giving your all in a sports competition, this is the dream for you on the go. In a package that could fit in your pocket comes a sanitary wipe that's 16x larger than the average baby wipe. Leave no stone unturned! You can get all those hard to reach places and stay extra fresh when you're away from a shower. 

Epic Wipes really has done its research by listing every possibility you might need an Epic Wipe for. Just looking at this list makes me want to get out and get active too! Skim over below and see what tricky situations your Epic Wipe could save you from.

Fitness: Cycling, Lunch Hour Workouts, Pilates, Phys Ed Class, Cross-fit, Surfing, MMA, Golf, Yoga, Running, Bike Commute, Swimming, Rock Climbing

Family: No Time For Bath Time, Beach, Dogs Who Hike, Bike Ride, Karate, Fishing, Amusement Parks, Toddler Diaper Blowout, Lawn Mowing, Tailgating, Picnic, Vacations, Cleaning, Soccer Practice, Summer camps, Boy Scouts, Car Sick Kids

Professional: Search & Rescue, Deployed Military, Peace Corps, Flight Attendant, Personal Trainer, Commercial Fisherman, Daycare Worker, Veterinarian, Farmhand, Nurse, EMT, Truck Driver, Sanitation Workers, Construction Worker, Police, Plumber, Coal Miners, Firefighter

Adventure: Camping, Ragnar Relay, Burning Man, Mountain Biking, Motocross, Cross-Country Rally, Hunting, Motorcycle Trips, Music Festivals, Mud Run, Insect Repellent, Sailing, Horse Shows, Survivalist, Kayaking, RVing, Mud Run

Health: Broken Bones, Post Surgery, Disaster Relief, Senior Care, Poison Ivy, Storm Shelter, Makeshift Sling, Mobility Impaired, First Aid Kits

That's enough reason for me to keep at least one of these tucked away in my backpack or tossed into my glove compartment. Easy fix for a smoother day.

Sep 8th 2018 The Shopist

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