The Perfect Spring Hobbies & the Bridal Gift for all Weddings

Posted by The Shopist on Mar 30th 2018

The Perfect Spring Hobbies & the Bridal Gift for all Weddings

Personally, I have a summer soul, but Spring is here and the sun is finally shining on our faces! Along with bouts of rain but as the saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers' and no one is here to break tradition. Let's step on into Spring and take a look at these EBF faves.

What better place to start than taking a stroll down the aisle during wedding season? When I first laid eyes on this piece I felt a ping of jealousy that I hadn’t seen it before my Best Friend’s wedding. (Sorry Paige!) This Victoria Lynn set comes with everything your queen Bride could need – and more! It has a Guestbook, a feather quill pen with stand keeping it fancy for the signees, a sexy little garter belt, knife & server, plus 2 etched Bride & Groom champagne flutes. Is there really anything more perfect than covering all the little bases that someone might have forgotten? This exquisite collection comes in one sleek box so it is guaranteed to surprise once that wrapping paper comes off. Cheers lovers!

What better way to ice your next cake than with delicate buttercream roses? Flower blooms or succulents, perhaps? This go-to Bloom Tip set by Wilton makes it super easy to create those floral accents with bloomed shapes that step your cake decorating skills to the professional level. This set comes with 4 different sized tips that will have you as the envy of all horticulturists and cake eaters, alike.

Another way to pay tribute to Spring and its floral energy, is to win cute points with this Floral Heart Form by Darice. This piece helps you arrange a floral heart shape while twisting flowers around the wire. It doesn’t come easier!!

Last but not least, did you know about this little tool? This is a Panacea Pin Frog Round, perfect for arranging flowers and beautiful bouquets fresh from the garden. Just pick your favorites and arrange them neatly in this pin. I’ll leave you with a how-to video that will be sure to start up a beautiful new hobby perfect for Spring. Enjoy!