SUPER SIZED Games! This one's for the movers & the shakers - Family Fun Party Time

SUPER SIZED Games! This one's for the movers & the shakers - Family Fun Party Time

Our newest addition pulls out all the stops for outdoor fun. House party, BBQ, Company Picnic, Birthday party, Tailgating - you name it! We have 8 new massive sized games to entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression where everyone will be asking you to bring it to the next event that comes your way. 

So we all know and love the traditional board games that all of us rugrats were raised playing. Checkers, chess, the works. But Yard Games are where the real fun starts!! Imagine playing that nail-biting, stomach churning, anxiety-inducing table game Jenga - but SUPER SIZED!! Behold... Giant Tumbling Timbers. Now you can get your whole body into it when you painstakingly inch that award-winning piece out of its tightly fitted notch that you just have to free it from. The crowd will cheer as the thunder of the timbers come crashing down against your unworthy opponent. What fun!!

Personally, I am an all time Champion at this next GIANT SIZED game. The ever so simple yet ever so easily strategically won, AN EXTRA LARGE CONNECT FOUR!! So you can kick butt and point out your sneaky move for all to see. Take notes, fellas. This is how its done. KING sized version.

And of course, the best for last. Who doesn't love BEER PONG? Or better yet, a beer pong set fit for a KING SIZED UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THE PYRAMID CUPS!! Call out all your fancy moves and pull out all the stops with this massive set. Your trick shot will definitely never go unnoticed. Have all eyes on you with this set up and you can never go wrong with pleasing the crowd.

Check out the brand page to see all the super fun sized games we have just waiting for you to take them out and show them off. Have fun, folks!!

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Jan 27th 2018 The Shopist

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