Newly Added to our Store - The Standout Products

Newly Added to our Store - The Standout Products

This item is too cool not to own for any special occasion!! With a single baking pan and 8 different pieces, you can completely modify your handcrafted masterpiece into whatever letter or shape you want!! Let's sit and let that marinate for a moment... 

Planning a baby shower? Let's all celebrate with the affectionately named bundle of joy as the center of attention:

Too cute for words!!

How about that lucky gal who has the pleasure of turning 30, flirty, and thriving? Let's make this milestone SUPER memorable with a custom fit cake for the fabulous lady of the night:

TOTALLY instagram-worthy, am I right?

Or how about showing off your home team and putting it up for your favorite player? Let's see some loyalty and pride off the field and out of the stands!! 

With everyone sharing their lives with loved ones on social media and making every event pinterest-pinned goals, I think this project will take the cake (couldn't resist) at every gathering one could have the pleasure of hosting.

If you're looking for a unique gift, and the ultimate gift that will KEEP ON GIVING, then this is your winning ticket. I know what my hard-to-buy-for Christmas friends will be getting this year.

Happy Shopping!!

Nov 30th 2017 The Shopist

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